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FilmChrome specialises in:

Our production services experience ranges from the very very big to the oddly small. The right team and process for each project, whether it is a commercial, a reality TV episode, a feature film or a gung-ho viral. We believe that being exposed to different kinds of productions makes us better producers.

For every film success story there are thousands of well-made but lonely videos gathering virtual dust on unwatched YouTube channels.

The secret to our approach? We make sure you don’t end up in that second category. It’s about making your film both authentic and relevant to your target audience.

We invest the time and the right resources to:

•      Bring your Company’s personality to life on screen.

•      Convey your company’s key messages.

•      Understand your target audience, to ensure they engage with and respond to your film.

Corporate Events, Weddings, Book Trailers, Short Films Studio.

FilmChrome can produce films for your corporate / personal needs in a variety of formats:

Beta Casette (Playout on TV), DVD, BluRay, Streaming video on your website.

Green-screen rental and Sound Recording also available.

FilmChrome is located in Centurion, Gauteng, but will travel great distances to help you fulfill your corporate objectives on video.

Corporate Video Production

Shaping your corporate video message for targeted audience response.

Corporate video production has changed for the better. You no longer have to choose between “cheap but bland”, or “great but completely unaffordable”.

At the same time, the rise of fast Internet connections, improved technology and ubiquitous social networks have empowered audiences and changed expectations.

A new kind of audience is demanding a new kind of corporate film.

•      Companies are learning that it is important to show their personality.

•      Engaging messages are more valuable than formulaic sales pitches.

•      The secret lies in understanding your audience, and knowing what they respond to.

A Painless Production Process

Saving your scarcest resource: Time

We make sure you get a great result without taking up more of your time than is necessary.
•      Our experienced film crews ensure the shoot happens efficiently, with minimal disruption.

•      Finally, our skilled editor mould everything into a seamless, engaging narrative.

FilmChrome  is located in Centurion, Gauteng, and the head office based in Samrand, Midrand,  but will travel great distances to help you fulfil your corporate objectives on video.

Training Video Productions:

Reduce your staff training and CRM costs with training videos.

Not long ago, the only way to ensure that your employees acquired vital productivity skills was to organize expensive face-to-face training sessions across multiple locations.

And the only way to provide quality CRM and product support was through a dedicated helpline or in-person demonstrations.Unleash economies of scale through effective training videos
•      Add the personal touch that is missing when people have to wade through pages of printed instructions.

•      Ensure that your key training messages remain consistent and undistorted.

•      Tailor your content to secure the right responses from your target audiences - every time.

Sales and Marketing Videos:

FilmChrome can produce videos for your corporate needs in a variety of formats on DVD, BluRay, CD or as streaming video on your website. FilmChrome  is located in Centurion, Gauteng, and head office based in Samrand, Midrand,  but will travel great distances to help you fulfil your corporate objectives on video.

Product Demonstration

Product Demonstration Videos help clients see and hear the product your company is marketing.

Video Brochure or Catalogue

•      Provide a more comprehensive view of your products, can expand beyond what the printed word is capable of.
•      Especially important for large, complicated products, like Information Technology, Gaming, etc.
•      Trade Show Videos.
•      To attract prospective customers to your product or service. The video will be short and dynamic and can be looped for perpetual viewing.
•      Assemblage / Installation Video.
•      Can assist your clients in assembling or installing the product they have purchased.
•      It is much more efficient than attempting to assemble a product following directions on folded up sheet u paper.
•      Plant or Office Tour.
•      To give prospective clients a feel for the environment you have created.

Corporate Event Videos & Event Film Productions

Making sure your message engages a wider audience - long after the event is over.

Hosting an event is a great way to encourage face-to-face interactions and develop the kind of relationships that help a business prosper.

And capturing your event on film can make the time and money you invested stretch even further - as long as you mix coverage, messages and length correctly.

We combine these elements to ensure that the event lives on in the minds of a whole new audience

•      Expert camera coverage to capture the event’s spirit in all its dimensions.
•      Diligent planning and smart editing to convey key messages in a concise, engaging way.
•      Careful consideration of the film’s target audience to ensure they respond just as enthusiastically as the original attendees.

Categories of Corporate Event Videos:

•      Seminars
•      Annual Sales Meetings
•      Associate Awards and Appreciation Meetings
•      Introduction of New Products or New Staff
•      Annual Reports for Stockholders/Associates
•      Public Relation Announcements
•      Corporate Parties, Banquets or Retreats
•      Retirement Tributes

Promotional Video Productions

Your visual elevator pitch ensuring your audience responds to your message - fast.

In a world of information overload, people increasingly have to sift through piles of average content, long-winded websites and incoherent offerings to find what’s good and relevant.

Although many people are using videos, they often miss out on a golden opportunity to get their message across quickly and effectively.

Videos to spark your viewers’ interest

•      A great promo video is the film equivalent of a firm handshake and good eye contact - the perfect first impression.
•      Compel people to focus on your core messages first.
•      Use clear calls to action, guiding your audience to explore what you have to offer.

Pre-Production Services:

FilmChrome will work with you to develop a video to meet your objectives; script writing/editing, story board creation, hiring talent, voice-over artists and make-up artists, as well as location scouting. FilmChrome’s crew will arrive on site with the following equipment:

•     3 HD Digital Cameras
•     Wireless Microphones
•     Tripods
•     Lighting
•     Green Screens

Post Production Services:

After videotaping, FilmChrome returns to the studio to create for you an exciting and informative video.
Transfer of a variety of formats to DVD including:

•     Computer Images
•     Photographs
•     Slides
•     8mm & Super 8mm Film
•     Powerpoint Presentation

Pre-Production services Include:

•     Non-linear editing
•     Computer Animated Graphics, Logo Design, Creative Titling
•     Royalty Free Music Beds
•     Duplication to CD, or DVD
•     Creation and Printing of Still images from video sources
•     Format Conversions from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC
•     Graphic Design for Labels, DVD & Covers
•     Encoding Video for Streaming on Your Website
•     LCD Projection System, including screen and Sound System

The Cost of your Video:

The price for your video will vary depending upon length and complexity. FilmChrome charges an hourly rate for pre-production, production and post-production. Most clients can testify that the cost of producing a video saves money in terms of travel, or 4 colour printing. The end result is priceless if you can achieve your company’s objective.

Why select FilmChrome to create your corporate Video?

Our staff has a variety of talents and experience in the honing of their craft in the corporate environment. We are enthusiastic, professional, and service orientated. Each project becomes our focus, we will get to know your company and your needs and deliver the product we promise.
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